COVID-19: Update to Restrictions

The Government Eases Ban on (Some) Elective Surgeries during COVID-19
The Prime Minister today outlined a plan to wean back the restrictions on elective surgery.
Combined with the surgeries that were allowed during the shut-down period we are now in a
position to be able to offer the following operations:

  • All skin cancer surgeries
  •  Breast Reconstruction Surgery – both DIEP flaps and also implant based breast
  • Medically necessary breast implant removal e.g. For rupture, pain or concern regarding
    cancer or ALCL
  • Medically necessary procedures on those under 18 (such a breast reductions).
  • Trauma surgery such as hand injuries, facial trauma (fractures, lacerations) and other
    wounds such as skin loss/tears or burns
  •  Any other trauma or cancer reconstructions
    The situation will be assessed by the government again on 11 May, and hopefully this will further relax the remaining restrictions on elective surgery.

Face to Face Consultations at Mode Plastic Surgery
For all the services listed above we are now offering face to face consultations but social distancing
rules strictly apply in our practice and patients will be screened via a questionnaire and temperature
check on arrival. We also ask kindly that you arrive alone for any appointments, please see our
previous blog for further information on what we are doing in our office during times of Covid-19.
Our standard consultation fees and Medicare rebates apply to all appointments. Our current office
hours remain Tuesday to Friday 9am to 5pm – outside these hours feel free to leave us a voicemail
or an email.
We also continue to consult primarily at our flagship office at Gordon. However, as restrictions ease,
we may very soon be in a position to resume consulting at our other locations. At this stage we
tentatively aim to begin consulting at our other locations from May 11.

Are there any operations or services you are unable to offer?
Unfortunately at this stage cosmetic plastic surgery and medispa services such as fillers and
anti-wrinkle treatments are still unable to be offered. However we are able to consult with patients
via phone or video, and will be in touch as soon as the restrictions on these services are lifted.

Changes to tele-health consultations
Telehealth consultations are offered via phone or video for all plastic surgery concerns including
cosmetic surgery. The government has now allowed Medicare rebates to be offered for private
tele-health consultation fees and therefore we have moved to charging the same fees for tele-health
consultations as we do for our face to face consultations. The same amount of time will be dedicated
to your virtual visit, as it would be for a face to face visit. The Medicare rebate you receive is also the
same as what applies to a face to face visit.

When will there be more information?
After the next national cabinet meeting on May 11 regarding elective surgery. If the remaining
restrictions are relaxed, we may seen a near return to normal practice, with more hospitals also able
to open their normal operating list allowing us to offer tailor made solutions for our patients like we
have always done.

Finally we wish to say that now more than ever, we are proud of our community and people for
doing the right thing, flattening the curve, and leading the world in controlling Covid-19 cases. Four
weeks ago we thought the situation would escalate quickly with our hospitals full of sick patients
requiring ICU and ventilator treatment. Fortunately this has not happened, and the return to (some)
elective surgery marks the beginning of returning to some sense of normality.
Well done Australia! We will get through this!

Coronavirus Update: Your plastic surgery at Mode

Coronavirus Update: Your plastic surgery at MODE


At the end of March, the coronavirus situation was rapidly escalating in Sydney. Our practice has
regularly and timely taken decisions to help the community flatten the curve, and get the situation
under control. When it was necessary we ceased all our elective operating and consulting (to help
divert precious medical resources to help fight Covid-19), and now we are in a position to help in the
way we know best. We continue to provide the highest standard of care for our plastic surgery
patients, and as the situation develops in Australia we will continue to prioritse the safety of our

New patients with urgent plastic surgery needs:

We are now taking bookings for face to face
consultations for patients who need help with urgent plastic surgery care. We are taking bookings in
line with recommendations of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons. For example these include
skin cancer treatment such as that for melanoma, squamous cell and basal cell cancer, and
emergency surgery such as that for hand trauma, facial trauma, and lacerations. Any women with
breast cancer, or ruptured implants with significant pain or concern regarding ALCL also fall in this
category. Patients can have phone or video consultations if they prefer.

Any decision for surgery will be offered on a case by case basis and Dr Aggarwal is continuing to
operate at the Sydney Adventist Hospital, and Hunters Hill Private to help those requiring urgent
plastic surgery care. Any patients that are suitable for local anaesthetic will be offered a procedure
in our Gordon rooms, whilst on the other hand anyone who is elderly, with significant medical
problems (ie those at highest risk of getting sick with coronavirus), and if their medical condition
allows will be deferred until the coronavirus situation has settled.

New patients with non-urgent plastic surgery needs.

Patients hoping to discuss their options about
cosmetic concerns such as breast surgery (reduction or lift, augmentation, revision of implants),
body surgery (tummy tuck, liposuction, thigh or arm lift, body lift), face and neck lift surgery can call
us to make a tele-health consultation appointment. Face to face consultations are not available at
this time for these requests, but we will continue to reassess the situation, and offer our patients
this option as soon as it is safe to do so. Prior to the tele-health consultation, we will ask you to email
us photographs of your concern that reflect the area of concern in clear detail.
We will ask you to attend a second consultation in person when the coronavirus situation has
settled. We will also place you on a waiting list for surgery, and provide you with quotes and
information via email. As soon as the coronavirus pandemic is over, we will work hard to provide you
with the most suitable date for surgery.

Patients who have had surgery:

Patients will be invited for a face to face appointment if needed for
removal of sutures or removal of drains. Wherever possible we will aim to do follow-up using phone
or video, and this is generally possible after the first post-operative visit. You are always welcome to
come in for a face to face appointment especially if you have any concerns during the post operative
period, but in the times of COVID-19 we are doing whatever we can to keep people safe and reduce
their exposure.

Safety in our offices:

When you arrive in our offices you will notice certain differences:

  • Our main door will be open when you arrive
  • You will be asked to maintain social distance from the front desk
  • We will ask you to sanitise your hands on arrival
  • We will obtain your information over the phone wherever possible; if needed we will give
    you a clean pen and a registration form to complete.
  • We will ask you to take part in some screening both via a questionnaire with our nurse, and
    a temperature check.
  • We ask you maintain social distance in our waiting room, and we will try to have as few
    patients in the office at any one time as possible
  • We kindly request that you attend our rooms alone. If you require a support person, they
    can participate in the consultation via speaker phone. If you had a friends or family drive
    with you we ask that they stay in the car during your consultation.

Mode Medispa:

Karyn our practice nurse is conducting video consultations for skin care free of
charge during the coronavirus pandemic which means you can have these from the comfort of your
home during self-isolation. For those interested can purchase skin care over the phone. During the
pandemic we are offering 10% off, and free express shipping for orders over $50 (a nominal $10 fee
applies for shipping for orders under $50). We can also have your order ready for pick-up if you
prefer this option. We also have silicone gel available for purchase.

*This special is no longer currently running*

At this present time however, injectables, and other cosmetic facial treatments such as peels, facials
(including Hydrafacial) are on hold until NSW and Federal government advise us that it is safe to
proceed. For those interested in these treatments, you can contact our office and we will put you on
a waiting list for an appointment for when our MediSpa services recommence.

Please stay safe, and together we will beat this.