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What is Gynaecomastia?

Gynaecomastia, commonly referred to as “man boobs,” is a medical condition characterised by the enlargement of breast tissue in males, typically due to hormonal imbalances.

It can result in the appearance of breast-like swelling in the chest area.

How do you know if you have Gynaecomastia?

Self examination: Gently touch your chest around the nipple area. Gynaecomastia often feels like a firm, rubbery lump beneath the nipple. A gynecomastia pinch test is performed by pinching the deep tissue under the nipple in the male breasts. Gynecomastia breast tissue feels like firm tissue but the excess fat is soft and spongy.  However, a more accurate gynecomastia diagnosis is performed by a plastic surgeon to evaluate the breast size and its contents.

Compare sides: Check if one side seems different from the other. It’s common for gynaecomastia to affect one breast more than the other.

Nipple sensitivity or prominence: Men who experience gynecomastia can have breast pain and discomfort. This is true for men who have glandular gynecomastia and not pseudogynecomastia. Gynecomastia or manboobs caused by fat build up is not painful.

Nipple prominence: Puffy Nipples differ from Classic Gynecomastia in that the nipple and areola are cone shaped causing the areola to appear “Puffy”. On an ideal chest, the areola is even with the surrounding chest skin. When there is a case of “Puffy Nipples”, the areola projects outward. This is especially true in warmer or hot temperatures. Many men routinely complain that their nipples are too visible in thin clothing during hot weather.

Why should you consider Gynaecomastia surgery?

A male breast reduction or gynaecomastia surgery is typically performed to reduce the excess breast tissue in men, alleviating the physical and emotional discomfort associated with gynaecomastia, ultimately improving the chest’s appearance and masculine physique.

Benefits of a Gynaecomastia surgery

  1. Improved Self-Confidence: Gynaecomastia surgery can help restore self-confidence by reducing the appearance of enlarged breasts in men.
  2. Enhanced Chest Contour: The procedure provides a more masculine and appealing chest contour.
  3. Relief from Physical Discomfort: Surgery alleviates physical discomfort, such as pain, tenderness, and chafing, often associated with gynaecomastia.
  4. Enhanced Wardrobe Options: Patients can enjoy a broader range of clothing choices and feel more comfortable wearing fitted or revealing clothing.
  5. Permanent Results: Gynaecomastia surgery typically provides long-lasting results, with a reduced likelihood of recurrence when compared to non-surgical treatments.

Keep in mind that individual experiences may vary, and consulting with a qualified surgeon is essential to determine if breast reduction surgery is appropriate for your specific circumstances.

Is gynaecomastia surgery covered by Medicare?

Gynaecomastia surgery is covered by Medicare under item number 31526 (as of September 2023). This combined with appropriate health fund cover, will dramatically reduce out of pocket costs for surgery, as this will allow coverage for hospital fees, theatre fees and provide rebates for surgeon and anaesthetist.

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How it Works

So what is the process for male breast reduction or gynaecomastia surgery at Mode Plastic Surgery?

1. A referral from a GP to be able to claim health fund rebates and Medicare (under item 31525).
2. Your initial consultation with Dr Aggarwal to discuss the procedure
3. Second consultation with Dr Aggarwal to finalise and schedule your surgery
4. Your gynaecomastia surgery with a day stay or an overnight stay in hospital. Dr Aggarwal operates at Sydney Adventist Hospital, Hunters Hill Private Hospital.
5. Post surgery reviews with Dr Aggarwal at 1 week, 2 weeks, 8 weeks, 6 months and 12 months.

Gynaecomastia Surgery Cost Sydney

Gynaecomastia surgery can be claimed through Medicare if it is deemed that breast enlargement is not due to obesity and is not proportionate to body habitus.

You may also be able to claim from your private health insurer.

The out of pocket cost for gynaecomastia surgery at Mode, with private health fund coverage for item number 31526 (Mastectomy for gynaecomastia, unilateral or bilateral), starts from $9,000. This is inclusive of:

  • Plastic Surgeon and Assistant Fees
  • Anaesthetist Fee
  • Private Hospital and theatre fees (overnight or longer if required)
  • Post surgery follow up

A quote will be provided after consultation and the cost may change depending on complexity. For example the cost may change if there is a need for nipple grafting or other medical conditions that may make the procedure more complicated. This will be discussed at the time of consultation.

Recovery from Gynaecomastia Surgery

Recovery from gynaecomastia or male breast reduction surgery varies from person to person, however below is a general outline of the recovery timeline.

Most importantly, Dr Aggarwal and the team at Mode Plastic Surgery will always be on hand to answer any questions or concerns before or after your surgery.

Immediate Post-Operative Period (Days 1-7)

Most importantly, Dr Aggarwal and the team at Mode Plastic Surgery will always be on hand to answer any questions or concerns before or after your surgery.

Immediate Post-Operative Period (Days 1-7)

Day 1: This surgery is normally a day procedure or in some cases an overnight stay. When you are discharged from the hospital you will need to rest and limit physical activities in particular heavy lifting. You may notice swelling over the first 48 hours and this will subside over this time period.

First 6-8 Weeks

You’ll continue to avoid strenuous activities but will otherwise be functioning normally. Follow our instructions for wound care, medication, and activity restrictions. You will be required to wear your compression garment throughout this time period.

Months 2-3

Most individuals can return to their usual exercise routine, though gradually. Continue to monitor your healing and follow-up with our rooms as scheduled.

Scars will start to fade, but complete healing and fading can take up to a year or more.

Months 3-6

Return to full exercise and normal activity. We encourage patients to continue scar management to achieve the best scar results.

Before & After Photos from Dr Aggarwal's patients

The gynaecomastia before and after pictures below are patients of Dr Shagun Aggarwal, a Specialist Plastic Surgeon, fellowship trained in breast, body & face cosmetic surgery plus reconstructive microsurgery.

This patient had bilateral gynaecomastia surgery. The condition can be graded mild, moderate, or severe and this patient’s gynaecomastia is mild with excess tissue in the chest (both fat and glandular tissue).

This patient was treated with liposuction and direct gland removal via an incision placed around the nipple. The patient stayed in hospital for one night, and the surgery was performed under a general anaesthetic.

Gynaecomastia Before and After



This is a before and after of one of our patients with gynaecomastia whose concern was largely on the right hand side of his chest.
This condition makes men very self conscious especially if it is difficult to hide in clothing. Patients refrain from activities like taking their shirt off at the beach.

This patient was treated with liposuction and direct gland removal via an incision placed around the nipple. The patient stayed in hospital for one night, and the surgery was performed under a general anaesthetic.

An excellent outcome was achieved, and even with his shirt off, it is difficult to see whether any surgery has taken place.


Gynaecomastia Before and After


About Dr Shagun Aggarwal

Dr Shagun Aggarwal is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon appointed at Sydney’s premier public hospitals including Royal Prince Alfred, Prince of Wales, and Royal Hospital for Women.

Dr Aggarwal is one of the few plastic surgeons who is fellowship trained in both cosmetic surgery of the breast, body & face, as well as reconstructive microsurgery.

As his private patient you can select to be treated at a range of Sydney’s premier hospitals including Sydney Adventist Hospital and Hunters Hill Private Hospital.

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