Hyaluronic B5 Serum


Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the human body and is central to regulating cell growth and renewal. The fact that this acid binds with water accounts for the superior hydrating properties this product delivers.



Hyaluronic B5 Serum contains pantothenic acid, which aids in wound healing and decrease the effects of acne. Hyaluronic acid also stimulates wound healing as it provides a matrix to enable collagen production. These properties help to keep the skin looking smoother and younger.

The Hyaluronic B5 Serum a Skincare Company product, who have been developing scientifically formulated cosmeceuticals developed in collaboration with bio-physicists, leading clinicians, plastic surgeons and dermatologists. At Mode Plastic Surgery, we use and recommend The Skincare Company range of products. We partnered with The Skincare Company for several reasons

  • It is an Australian company with its products produced in small quantities in Melbourne. 
  • The company’s products were first partly developed by a Plastic Surgeon.
  • The products are very easy to use with a simple morning and night regime, that anyone can follow without the complexity of some other skin care brands. The morning regime bottles are coloured aqua blue and the night regime bottles are coloured white.
  • The skin care products formulated and developed by the Skincare Company are the best we have seen with respect to effectiveness – our staff, including Dr Aggarwal, have personally tried and tested the range, which we are happy to recommend to our patients, and support with our reputation.
  • The range is extremely good value for money – the product sizes are close to double the other skin care ranges with prices that are easier to afford. For skincare that is more effective than what you can buy at popular stores like Myer and David Jones, at a price that is often cheaper than those products, you will be hooked to this skincare range once you try it.