Mummy Makeover (Tummy Tuck and Breast Surgery)

Mummy makeover is the term used to describe the combination of a tummy tuck with breast surgery.

Breast Surgery is performed to provide a natural, beautiful shape. Women seek breast surgery for a variety of reasons but common to all is to feel feminine, sensual, and regain or improve confidence:

  • Improve the size of a breast that already has good shape
  • Improve cleavage and upper pole fullness
  • Improve the size of breasts that did not develop during puberty
  • Restore breast volume and shape after breast feeding or significant weight loss – this may need a breast lift or an augmentation mastopexy.
  • Correct breast asymmetry
  • Correct tuberous breast deformity (also known as ‘snoopy breasts’)

Breast Surgery may involve breast lift/reduction, breast augmentation or augmentation-mastopexy (augmentation combined with breast lift).

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty involves the excision of loose skin and fat from the lower tummy or abdomen. In addition the underlying muscles are tightened, and any hernias are repaired. This can produce a beautiful, flat shape to the tummy. Women seek tummy tuck surgery to:

  • Wear tight fitting clothes that may otherwise reveal the loose skin or excess fat they find embarrassing
  • Wear swimwear they want to wear
  • Feel confident and feminine
  • Restore shape of their tummy after pregnancy and child rearing
  • Remove skin and fat that cannot be addressed through diet and exercise alone

Combining tummy tuck and breast surgery makes a lot of sense for women considering both procedures as:

  • It costs less than having each procedure alone
  • The recovery time is combined rather than going through separate recoveries for two procedures

Dr Aggarwal is one of only a few Sydney Plastic Surgeons who have completed further fellowship training in dedicated Breast Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery. He is the only one to have published a CME on Secondary Breast Augmentation in the Plastic and Reconstructive Journal, the premier plastic surgery journal for educating plastic surgeons worldwide.

At Mode we find Breast Surgery and Tummy Tuck patients some of our happiest patients, as results are reliable, readily reproducible and long lasting. At MODE, Dr Aggarwal will guide you through the planning of surgery best suited to achieve your goals.

Procedure Snapshot
  • Anaesthetic: GA by accredited anaesthetist
  • Time: 4-5 hours
  • Duration of stay: 2 night stay in hospital
  • Hospital: Offered at Hunters Hill Private, Castlecrag Private or Sydney Adventist Hospital.
  • Medicare/Health Fund Rebate: Not usually.
    • A breast reduction does attract a Medicare/health fund rebate, and it depends on your level of private health insurance cover
    • Breast lift, and breast augmentation do not attract rebates
    • Abdominoplasty in general does not attract debates. Part of the abdominoplasty cost is rebateable if you have a symptomatic umbilical hernia. All of the abdominoplasty cost is rebateable for those who meet the following criteria:
      • Significant loss of weight equal to or greater than 5 BMI points
      • Skin condition exacerbated by the loose skin and fat
      • Skin condition not resolving with 3 months of conservative therapy
  • Recovery: Most people stay in hospital for 2 nights, and may go home with a drain in their tummy. Patients start walking hunched over and by the end of the first week they are starting to walk almost straight. Heavy lifting or exercise is disallowed for 8 weeks and strenuous exercise for 3 months. For 8 weeks you will be required to wear a binder which is like a corset over the tummy. You can shower after 48 hours, but avoid swimming in a pool or beach for 2-3 weeks until all wounds have healed, and all drains are out.
  • Results: One of the most satisfying procedures for patients but it is important to note that results vary from patient to patient.

Cosmetic Concerns

  • Breast augmentation – click here
  • Breast lift – click here
  • Breast reduction – click here
  • Augmentation-mastopexy – click here
  • For cosmetic concerns in tummy tuck – click here.

Procedure Information

The procedure is always performed under general anaesthesia given by an accredited anaesthetist in a fully accredited and licensed facility (usually one of the North Shore’s premier private hospitals). The procedure takes four to five hours and most patients will spend 2-3 nights in hospital.

  • Before any surgery on your breast Dr Aggarwal will refer you for a mammogram and ultrasound to ensure the breast is clear of any pathology.
  • Breast Surgery. To read about:
    • Breast augmentation click here
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    • Breast reduction click here
    • Augmentation-mastopexy click here
  • To read about
    • Conventional tummy tuck click here
    • Mini tummy tuck click here.
  • A small inconspicuous incision is made to access the area under the breast where a pocket is created for the breast implant

Risks & Complications

Every surgery carries risks, and therefore one must consider if risks outweigh the benefits for your own personal situation. If they do then the surgery may be well worth it. Dr Aggarwal will discuss the pros and cons of surgery with you during your consultation.

  • To read about the risks of
    • Breast Augmentation click here
    • Breast Lift click here
    • Breast Reduction click here
    • Breast Augmentation-mastopexy click here
  • To read about the risks of
    • Tummy tuck click here
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Procedure FAQs

You can access the frequently asked questions for each of our procedures by visiting the relevant sections of our website:

  • Breast Augmentation click here
  • Breast Lift click here
  • Breast Reduction click here
  • Breast Augmentation-mastopexy click here
  • Tummy tuck click here
  • Mini Tummy tuck click here.

Procedure Pricing

  • Breast lift/reduction plus conventional tummy tuck costs around $20000 all inclusive.
  • Breast Augmentation plus conventional tummy tuck costs around $23000 all inclusive.
  • Breast Augmentation-Mastopexy plus conventional tummy tuck costs around $25000 all inclusive.
  • These prices include:
    • Mentor or Motiva Implants (where applicable)
    • Surgical fees
    • Hospital fees (including a 3 night stay in hospital)
    • Anaesthetist fees
    • Follow up
  • Please note that the above price does not include
    • Preoperative consultation fees – which are $280 for the initial consult and $140 for additional preoperative consultations
    • Hospital fees for a lengthy procedure (longer than 5 hours) or more than a 3 night stay in hospital
    • Surgical fees for future implant revisions (where applicable)

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Meet Dr Aggarwal

Dr Aggarwal is a well regarded, respected, highly skilled and experienced Specialist Plastic Surgeon. Graduating at the top of his class throughout his training, Dr Aggarwal has completed fellowship training at some of the world’s most prestigious reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery institutions. He continues to publish research is prestigious plastic surgery journals, and is actively involved in the training of future plastic surgeons.

What sets Dr Aggarwal apart from others is his personal, affable and warm nature. Not only does he pay attention to detail, to producing natural, beautiful results but he ensures that the patient’s journey is just as special as their outcome. Dr Aggarwal looks after patients at two of Sydney’s most prestigious public hospital campuses (RPA and POWH/RHW), and operates privately on the North Shore.

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