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Achieve the aesthetic you desire with a lift. After massive weight loss, breastfeeding after pregnancy or simply the natural process of ageing, our bodies may not feel or look the way we would like them to. For some, plastic surgery is the answer. A lift, wether it be body, breast or face, can leave you with a more youthful and perkier appearance.

Body Lift

After massive weight loss, elastic elements of the skin can be damaged and never “snap back” to conform to a newer, slimmer contour. A body lift is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and fat deposits left behind after massive weight loss. This can offer a dramatic change in appearance to patients who have worked so hard to lose weight so they can be healthier, feel better, and participate in life more fully.

Breast Lift

This is most common in patients who have breastfed after pregnancy and involves lifting and reshaping the breast tissue to improve breast contour and firmness. This may or may not be combined with implants. As with all our treatments, Dr Aggarwal aims to give you a natural look that is enhanced but not obvious.

Face Lift and Neck Lift

Feel refreshed with the best procedure to reverse the signs of ageing in the face and neck region for both men and women. This procedure removes excess skin and repositions fat and muscles, which elevates the cheeks and mid-face, reduces the jowls and provides a cleaner and more defined jawline. Dr Aggarwal strongly believes in a natural facial appearance – the ‘ideal’ facelift allows a patient to restore their youthful appearance without looking like they have had an operation.

Brow Lift

Correct the shape and position of droopy eyebrows with a brow lift. A brow lift is a surgical procedure that corrects a sagging or deeply furrowed brow which can add years to a persons appearance. The procedure is often performed to reduce the creases, or ‘frown lines’, that develop across the forehead and on the bridge of the nose.

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