Top 5 Lip Filler Myths

“Lip filler will give me duck lips“

This is a really common myth! With the correct product, volume, technique, and placement and experienced injector, it is possible to create beautiful lips that go undetected.

“Lip fillers are excruciatingly painful“

Lip fillers are an injectable treatment which are uncomfortable, however, it does not have to be excruciating. Pain is very subjective and everyone has a different pain tolerance however, we provide ice and topical numbing cream for patient comfort. For those who are extra sensitive to pain, happy gas is an option.

“Any product can be used in the lips“

Unfortunately, this is not true. Permanent fillers, fat transfer and collagen stimulators are best avoided in the lips. The best products in the lips should be reversible fillers, which makes the procedure safer.

A product that delivers a natural result at rest and on animation is the preferred choice.

“My lips will look weird, stretched and deflated if I stop treating them“

Lip fillers are made from a naturally occurring substance in our bodies. It is a gel which is metabolized by our bodies over time. If you choose to stop having temporary fillers then your lips should eventually return to their original shape and size. Our lips will lose volume and definition over time, however, this is a result of ageing and not a consequence of lip fillers.

“Filler migration is a disaster”

Filler migration is a complication, like bruising and swelling, that we aim to prevent, using particular injecting techniques and products. If this complication occurs then we manage it until it is resolved.